Reflection: Your Essay About Your Project

Two glass spheres, creating an interesting reflection.For 10% of your final grade, you will write an essay reflecting on your group’s progress and process on your project. At the beginning of the semester, I first introduced the project assignment to the class. Now it’s your chance to explain how you went about fulfilling that assignment.

Deadline: Thursday, December 2 December 9 at midnight: send it to me as a Microsoft Word document attached to an email.

Length: Between 750 and 1,000 words.

Description: Write a focused essay that covers the following: how your group decided on its topic, how you divided up the various tasks, how you accomplished those tasks, what research you conducted in the USC Upstate library, what research you conducted in other libraries, what special collections you contacted for help, what experts (either on campus or in the community) you interviewed, whether or not you stuck to the original terms of your contract and why, what you learned in completing your project, what you would do differently–if anything–if you could start the project over again, what advice you would give to future students tackling a similar project, what you found most frustrating, and what you found most rewarding. Describe the hardware and software that you used and how you used it. Refer to your notes from when you interviewed 3 other students in class in order to compare and contrast–as appropriate–your own experience with the experience of your peers.

Note about essay structure: Don’t just write up a bunch of disconnected answers to the above prompts. This assignment requires you to craft a thoughtful, coherent, carefully written essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use what you’ve learned in your previous writing courses to make this a well-written essay.

Note about essay content: It’s important to discuss your group’s work in its entirety, but it’s also important for you to make clear how you–the individual student–contributed to the success of your group’s work. For example, be very clear about who accomplished which tasks.

Handout: Download the worksheet (PDF) I passed out in class today.

If you’d like to bring a draft to my office so that we can go over it together, please do so. You might also take advantage of the services offered by the Writing Center.

[Creative Commons-licensed flickr photo by Luis Argerich.].

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